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DSA/EAE Workshop Summary

Mr Louis Puah's Sharing:

1. No matter which education route taken, everything ends with life learning & work


2. Students should have a rough idea of what they plan to do in the future

3. What are the admissions exercises focused on?

  • - EAE — Students with strong abilities and interests
  • - DSA — Students with talents in sports/non-academic aspects (not reflected in O’s)

4. Why were these admissions exercises put into place?

  • - To have different paths to the various institutions
  • - To accommodate to the different schools’ objectives (e.g. academics, sports or arts)
  • - To improve the school’s reputation (i.e. when the students achieves something)

5. What to include in your portfolio:

  • - Information that is relevant to the course/school (e.g. applying to business school — include a business venture you might have embarked on)


  • - Avoid simply saying, “I am passionate about this”. Elaborate on it, include proof of it. Could be in terms of CCA, online learning or passion projects you’ve undertaken.
  • - A clear goal you are passionate about, not just to get into a “good” school.
  • - Information about yourself that sets you apart from other candidates, maybe you care deeply about a societal issue.

Some Case Studies



Sharing Panel

EAE - Gayathri (SP Diploma in Engineering with Business)

1. Found interest in Physics, Maths and Business

2. Portfolio Suggestions:

  • - Testimonials
  • - Relevant certificates & documents
  • - Other documents that demonstrate your interests and skills

3. In 600-character write-up:

  • - Relevant interests and strengths
  • - Personal experiences (i.e. her father helping bring out her interest in Engineering)

4. In 1000-character write-up:

  • - Achievements in CCA
  • - Contributions to school and external organisations
  • - Leadership positions held previously

5. Written Test (before interview)

  • - Mostly questions related to physics and math — EAE into engineering course

6. Interview (Questions asked):

  • - Tell us about yourself
  • - Share any of your accomplishments you are proud of
  • - Do you have any business ideas you would like to implement in SP? (DEB is focused on technopreneurship)
  • - Which aspect of our course interested you? (read up on school & course’s website prior to interview to answer)

DSA — Nguyen (HCI via Academics)

1. Included the following in DSA application:

  • - Achievements in Math & Science Olympiads — HCI seems to prefer Singaporean Olympiads

2. Why HCI?

  • - Liked the academic rigour, especially the training for Olympiads

3. How he decided on his domain:

  • - Interests
  • - Strengths & Background

4. In DSA Essay:

  • - Avoid re-stating your achievements
  • - Emphasise on what is not included in your application
  • - What you wish to achieve in the school
  • - What you can contribute to the school

5. DSA Interview Tips:

  • - For teachers to assess your suitability for the school, and if you are seriously considering the school
  • - Google to anticipate what the interview expects
  • - Craft your answers specific to the school, don’t be too generic
  • - Do a few mock interviews prior to the interview
  • - Interesting question: “Did you choose RI too? And why do you want to come to HCI?”