Project Work

Describe what this subject is about

" PW is basically an 8 month long group project where you identify a problem and suggest solutions to solve it. Eg. Fast Fashion, Lack of exercise, Lack of Financial Literacy etc. You will need to write a 3000 word report and prepare a 5 minute speech along with a QnA segment. " --- Senior H(HCI)

What does learning this subject entail?

" A lot of understanding, empathy and teamwork, good english and public speaking skills, patience and resilience. Understanding and empathy because you are working with your classmates and everyone has a different schedule, different commitments, so you must understand and empathise with them to prevent disputes and allow the entire thing to go smoothly. Teamwork because all of you are working on this together, you need to be on the same wavelength in order to complete this happily and well. Good english because you are writing a 3000 word report, good public speaking skills because a large part of your PW revolves around your presentation, patience and resilience as you may change topics halfway into the year, you may not understand what your teacher wants and keep getting your chapter rejected. " --- Senior H(HCI)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

" Um we don't choose, all of us take it and I don't regret my decision! I had an amazing team who really played to each others' strengths, no complaints, no disputes whatsoever. and PW really made me get closer to some classmates I never expected myself to get close too! An advice will be to: put aside yourself and put the team first, have good communication and focus on each others' strengths than weaknesses. Be enthu about PW because it can really uplift your entire group! " --- Senior H(HCI)