Describe what this subject is about

" I don’t rmb much from h2 but for h1 theres 5 chapters: graphs, equations and inequalities, differentiation, integration and permutations (+ probability); it’s basically like secondary school a math but easier in some aspects because no trigo!" --- Senior C(HCI)

"h2 math is about solving mathematical qns at a higher difficulty level as compared to secondary amath " --- Senior X(ASRJC)

What does learning this subject entail?

" h2 requires a lot of discipline because it’s mostly video lectures and you need to do your work before class, but h1 is way less time consuming because the teacher will probably go through the first few weeks in class and help you understand the topic first. Basically you have way more time for your other subjects!" --- Senior C(HCI)

" learning h2 requires thinking skills and mental stamina as questions are longer and harder to digest as compared to secondary school math. it also requires the ability to focus and understand newer topics that previously were not taught. " --- Senior X(ASRJC)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

" Because my math is weak, there was a big jump in h2 math, but h1 is very manageable (in relation to a maths; I think if they only took emath itll be harder as there is differentiation/integration for h1)" --- Senior C(HCI)

" in jc, h2 math is harder as more time needs to be spent on it as compared to the math we do in secondary school. even with a huge amount of time spent on this subject, it doesn’t necessarily mean we will do well in it as it also requires a certain level of understanding and practice." --- Senior X(ASRJC)

Why did you choose to take it? Do you regret your decision?

" My math is quite weak so I was really struggling with h2 math and because what I want to do in uni (mass comms) doesn’t require h2 math, I wasn’t motivated to study for it at all so I decided to just drop from h2! Nope, best decision all year :>" --- Senior C(HCI)

" i chose to take it as many university pre requisites require h2 math to enter the course and i thought it would be beneficial to my entry to university if i took the subject. yes i regret the decision as i personally feel that h2 math is extremely difficult to understand and requires a lot of time and patience to cope with the subject, something that i lack due to many other college commitments." --- Senior X(ASRJC)

Do you know what the differences between H1, H2 and H3? If so, can you explain what they are?

" I only know for H1 and H2. In H1, theres way less content! But if you don’t take h2 math, it closes a lot of uni courses for you, so be sure u don’t need h2 before dropping.
(Hillary: From what I understand, H3 Math is obviously much harder than H2 Math. H3 math involves quite alot of proving and teaches alot more math concepts)" --- Senior C(HCI)

" not very sure but from what i heard, h1 math is very similar to secondary sch amath whereas h2 math is on a higher levels as it requires more critical thinking. meanwhile, h3 math seems to be the hardest and on the highest level of difficulty comparing h1 h2 and h3." --- Senior X(ASRJC)