Literature in English

Describe what this subject is about

" Analysing the sentences and what the characters are portraying the the play. Poems are just analysing what the poets are trying to imply and use different techniques to answer the questions given " --- Senior G(ACJC)

"H1 Lit gives insights into the fundamentals of interpreting poems and literature books, giving more meaning and depth to what we read" --- Senior C(TJC)

"learning how to do close analysis of literary texts, and better appreciate literary pieces " --- Senior W.N(HCI)

What does learning this subject entail?

"It entails reading of 2 books (in my context) and if I remember correctly 5 books for H2 lit. It requires substantial reading, poem interpretation skills and questioning of the themes, context etc will also be learnt. " --- Senior C(TJC)

"its divided into lit 1 and lit 3 (mind and self) ; for lit 1 we do unseen poetry, passag based/ essay questions on the text we study (the great gatsby and playing for time) ; for lit 3 we also do poem comparisons and essays based on our texts, with the added element of mind and self (regeneration, age of iron, whos afraid of virginia woolf)" --- Senior W.N(HCI)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

"There is a lot a lot more self studying and Teachers are less guided (they don’t spoon feed u everything) and more fast paced " --- Senior G(ACJC)

"In IP I only took language arts which involves some literature aspects but it was not too literature focused and I only properly took literature in JC so I have no comments for this." --- Senior C(TJC)

" sec school lit is foundational, definitely helps to have a foundation, jc lit has more areas of study and more in depth, nuanced analysis skills are required to do well" --- Senior W.N(HCI)

Why did you choose to take it? Do you regret your decision?

"I don’t regret it. I like literature that’s why I took it. It’s quite interesting than learning normal sciences and math " --- Senior G(ACJC)

"I chose to do this because I’ve always been interested in being able to do a deeper analysis in the humanities field and being able to see from different viewpoints and arguments was something I found interesting. I did not regret my decision as H1 Literature was more manageable for me as compared to if I took H2." --- Senior C(TJC)

"Interest in literature/arts, i dont think i regret it" --- Senior W.N(HCI)

Do you know what the differences between H1, H2 and H3? If so, can you explain what they are?

"h1 and h2 are just the difference in books so if I’m right they go at a slower pace so maybe the Teachers will be more guided in lessons
for h3 I’m not so sure" --- Senior G(ACJC)

"As mentioned earlier in terms of the number of papers and content, there are differences in addition to the number of books required for reading. H3 I am not too sure." --- Senior C(TJC)

" h1 tested on 2 texts iirc, h2 tested on 5 texts, h3 is an individual essay project (of your choice) u have to write over the course of the year, where you have to do your own deeper research and stuff" --- Senior W.N(HCI)