What does learning this subject entail?

" Tbh I didn't exactly make a lot of notes over the year for history, but what I did was pay attention during class, read up a bit, get knowledge on the topic, so during discussion I could contribute my fair share towards it. Overall just like any other subject, pay attention to class, learn how to answer properly and work towards continuous improvement and it works ig? " --- Senior M.S(EJC)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

" I guess theres a lot more trial and error involved, more consultation, more content. For CHS people throw away whatever you learnt during CHS time or youll be like me during MYE. " --- Senior M.S(EJC)

Why did you choose to take it? Do you regret your decision?

" I didnt like econs (fell asleep during their trial lecture), i didnt have any background in any other subject, and i like history. " --- Senior M.S(EJC)