Further Math

What is it about?

"It's a huge extension from H2 Math but there are many linkages between the 2 subjects. " --- Senior T.P.E(NYJC)

"Basically math but more. Some of the topics are an extension of the H2 Math syllabus. You can get to learn different methods and concepts from the Further Math syllabus to further grasp your understanding on math and train your problem-solving skills." --- Senior G.Y(ACJC)

"It’s basically MATH, but more intense (includes several topics that H2 math syllabus does not include). It involves more creative thinking and certain questions are set in a “blurrier” way that one might find it difficult to even start attempting them." --- Senior XC(DHS)

Why did you choose to take this subject? Is it what you expected it to be?

"I intend to study Pure Math in University so I decided to take Further Math and H3 Math. I read through the syllabus document and started reading up certain topics in Sec 3 like Mathematical Induction, Differential Equations and Complex Numbers. As I was exposed to a bit of FM before JC, I had a brief introduction of what it is going to be like upon entering JC. To most, H2 Math is already a huge jump from Secondary School so FM would definitely be a greater jump. " --- Senior T.P.E(NYJC)

"I was interested in math and felt that I would enjoy my subject combination if I could do something I was passionate about. " --- Senior G.Y(ACJC)

"Firstly, I’m interested in math. I don’t find doing math questions stressful as compared to humanity subjects. I enjoy spending time thinking of questions that are set in creative ways, and I love deriving satisfaction from solving them. I don’t regret taking it.
Secondly, I don’t think I’m going to do well in Chemistry based on my Y4 EOY results" --- Senior XC(DHS)

What do you do during lessons? What is it like taking the subject?

"I had 8 hours of Math every week - split into Classes FMA and FMB. FMA has 2 teachers and FMB has 2 teachers too. Everyone is required to attend both FMA and FMB lectures but we are split according to classes during tutorials. During lessons, our teachers would share about concepts beyond the curriculum and it's really an eye-opening experience as they are willing to impart knowledge that is outside the syllabus. I've learnt a lot from my teachers." --- Senior T.P.E(NYJC)

"In my school, H2 Math and H2 Further Math is taught by the same teacher so we will usually juggle between the topics for both Further Math and Math throughout the year. The lessons are usually conducted in a slightly faster pace than the other H2 Math classes but everyone in my class is still able to keep up. In my opinion, the concepts are manageable but the questions will really test your ability in connecting concepts from different topics and how you apply what you learnt. The good thing is taking a less common subject combination will result in a smaller class which allows the teachers to give more attention individually. " --- Senior G.Y(ACJC)

"Go through the notes lo, just like h2 math, but since we are a small class, everyone gets a chance to present during tutorials.
It's fun. I enjoy having fm lessons with my classmates and teachers." --- Senior XC(DHS)

How easy/difficult is it to score?

"Depends. School exams are generally more difficult but it ultimately depends on your interest in Math so that you will be more motivated (instead of demoralised) by being exposed and learning a difficult realm in Math." --- Senior T.P.E(NYJC)

"It is definitely harder to score as compared to H2 math as the questions can come out in ways that you never seen before. It will train and challenge you to think out of the box. However, as long as you have a clear understanding of the concepts, it will be manageable." --- Senior G.Y(ACJC)

"It's not easy to score, but easier than humanity subjects from my pov. Time constraint is the main issue." --- Senior XC(DHS)