Describe what this subject is about

"Its about the different markets that exist and how shops/companies choose how much they want to sell and what prices they want to sell at. It is also about the measures the government takes to ensure equity." --- Senior J.R(NJC)

"Econs... is simply put is about how the world's buying and selling (demand and supply) works as well as how governments and other inter-country organisations see the larger picture of markets to in turn do stuff to try to improve the standard of living of their people through various material and non-material ways. " --- Senior J(DHS)

What does learning this subject entail?

"General knowledge about the different types of markets and very roughly the famous brands. Other information is all in the notes given by the school." --- Senior J.R(NJC)

"A lot of common sense (tbvh). Once you internalise the topics and the concepts, the examples to use comes from everyday lives and the rest is just logical reasoning...

I guess its also worth to note how much writing you have to do.. 3 essays in 2hrs ++ (but i guess its common around most humanities) " --- Senior J(DHS)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

"The content and workload are tougher and more in depth. " --- Senior J.R(NJC)

Why did you choose to take it? Do you regret your decision?

"I felt that Econs would be a useful subject for the future as it is able to teach me more abt the society and how the different stakeholders contribute to the money flow." --- Senior J.R(NJC)

"I wanted to try something new I guess. And coming from a computing background, it enticed me the most relating to numbers and logic rather than other humanities which might not rely as much on logical reasoning.

No I don't regret my decision of H2 Econs, except for the times when i need to write the many many essays required in such a short amount of time during exams, but other than that I really enjoyed the logic behind the subject and it just exposes me to so much of how the markets we see in our everyday lives work." --- Senior J(DHS)

Do you know what the differences between H1, H2 and H3? If so, can you explain what they are?

"H1 does not have some of the content and essay component that H2 has. H3 is additional knowledge that does not impact H2. For A lvls you only need 3H2s 1H1." --- Senior J.R(NJC)

"H1 econs is half the topics and have NO essay component (save your hands...) as compared with H2/H3

H3 has a lot more depth than H2 (and is not for the faint of heart.. you must really LOVE econs to take it :P)" --- Senior J(DHS)