What is it about?

" Computing is basically the future. The main language of H2 Computing is python. though you would also have to learn languages like SQL and NoSQL. There are theory aspects of computing such as drawing diagrams relating to how your database works and functions, etc. The theory aspect is tested in the form of a 3hr written paper, where they can ask questions relating to anything in the syllabus such as networking etc. Then there is the practical aspect which is hands-on coding! :) Where given 3hrs, you would have to code out solutions to problem statements using what you have learnt in the 2 years.

I would say computing is a fun and enjoyable subject if your teacher is nice and if you have the drive to see into the future, to be part of the technological future. " --- Senior J (DHS)

Why did you choose to take this subject? Is it what you expected it to be?

" I chose this subject mainly because I have been in infocomm club for essentially my entire schooling life, so i have sort of the connection with this subject. Besides that it is really just the knowing that in the future, learning how to code is going to be very important especially since some universities already started to introduce computational thinking as a must-take side course for all first-years. So why not learn how to code now while still young in JC, rather than wait till the technological tide comes and sweep you over.

I guess, it was what i expected it to be? To be honest, the curiculum in Singapore is not that great and robust for computing and if you really want to be great at coding, you must take the initiative and learn outside of the syllabus, join competitions, attend external trainings (which there are many free ones) and just take interest in the subject. The time commitment to this subject is really up to you. I have seen some students who spends only class time on coding and I have seen other who essentially neglect other subjects for computing (spending all their time on it). " --- Senior J (DHS)

What do you do during lessons? What is it like taking the subject?

" For lessons, my teacher emphasises more on the practical aspect than the theory aspect (but that is i think unique to my teacher/school).In general, the lesson would go with him going through the core concept of the lesson/topic than straight into hands-on coding. and at the end he would recommend additional reads and courses to take to learn more (outside of the syllabus).

He really emphasises on the importance of joining competitions and learning more externally by regularly sending us updates on possible competitions and conferences to attend to learn more and meet new people in the industry (essentially being industry ready).But talking to other computing students from other schools, I sincerely think that computing is that one subject that it is truely based on who is your teacher, if you have a teacher that only focuses on the syllabus then.... good luck :) " --- Senior J (DHS)

How easy/difficult is it to score?

" Constant practice and practice would make the subject relatively easy to score. Because i coded so much during pre-exam periods, during exam time, I honestly dont have to spend much time at all to revise on the practical aspects. As for the theory paper, I did spend one or two days just looking through how to draw the diagrams etc. Computing is the epitome of constant practice beats last minute revision.

As for how easy it is to score the papers, for practical, they judge not only on whether the code works but whether you abide by specific coding best practicies such as using comments etc. and for theory.. its well.. theory... memorise and internalise would do the trick :) " --- Senior J (DHS)