Describe what this subject is about

" Biology is about the study of the human anatomy and nutrition and about living organisms. we learn about how different systems in the cells and other lifeforms work and how the different systems cooperate and work together effectively to carry out responses. " --- Senior A(HCI)

What does learning this subject entail?

" Through this subject, one can learn about cells and biological molecules in depth, nutrition and how they are absorbed and used in living organisms. We explore what DNA is and how it is related to the functioning of our body, learn how our body creates and uses energy for cellular processes, and discover how and why organisms have evolved over time. We also learn about infectious diseases and the impact of climate change on organisms. " --- Senior A(HCI)

What is the difference in rigour between JC and secondary school?

" The content is undoubtedly heavier and we study more in-depth about livign organisms and the different processes that occur in our bodies. The topic of bacteria and diseases is also introduced. As such, there is definitely more memory work and application questions but with much hardwork and passion, many will come to see bio as a fun and interesting subject. " --- Senior A(HCI)

Why did you choose to take it? Do you regret your decision?

" I chose to take this subject as i was very interested in whats gg on inside our bodies, especially how a million things can occur simultaneously in the tiny body of ours. i also love to learn about plants and animals and our interactions with them, the nutrition from my food and how my body uses it to create energy, and how diseases and bacteria operate. Although there are times I feel drained from the heavy workload and amount of content I have to memorise, I do not regret taking the subject as it has deepened my understanding of how life is created and works. " --- Senior A(HCI)