What is it about?

" Art consist of two components, Study of Visual Arts(SOVA) and coursework. SOVA is about appreciating artworks through the study of art history through themes like Society, Realistic and Abstract Representation, and the practice of visual analysis using principles/elements of art. The coursework allows students to explore ideas and work on representing them visually. The subject is not really about learning techinal aspect in making art so learning how to draw, paint, sculpt or other art mediums is through self-learning and exploration. That being said, there is a lot of freedom in exploring ideas and mediums to use. " --- Senior Q.R(DHS)

Why did you choose to take this subject? Is it what you expected it to be?

" I didn't intend to take the subject initially since I have doubts about my artistic ability. It was nearing the selection of the subject combination when I had a change of heart and went: "Why not?" As such, I tried the selection test and got in. After spending a year in the subject, I do not regret taking it, it is one of the best choices I have made. The workload is tough but they don't seem like work to me. " --- Senior Q.R(DHS)

What do you do during lessons? What is it like taking the subject?

" It is a very taxing subject with quite a bit of workload. The structure of SOVA is studying themes and artists whose work correspond to. There are a few themes that will be covered and you will come across around 30+ artists. The content is about the artist's works, background of the artist, the time period and art movement, as well as the society that they live in. It is rather broad and in depth so you will gain an understanding of a lot of things. However, much of the assessment is based on visual analysis so all these content will come as background knowledge when you need to refer to an artist's other works or contextualise the work. As such, it is more important to build up the skill of visual analysis, which the teachers will guide you through the years. When it comes to the coursework and assignments, a lot of what you will do is researching and exploring ideas by testing out various mediums. Something that I did was experimenting with concrete and create visual effects using it. The assignments are also very unorthodox and different from all the other academic subjects. " --- Senior Q.R(DHS)

How easy/difficult is it to score?

" It is quite difficult to score in SOVA since visual analysis can be quite foreign and get a grasp of. Coursework would require time and effort but as long as you have a good sense of what theme you are tackling and exploring the ideas you have, it is not difficult to get a decent score. " --- Senior Q.R(DHS)