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Seniors' Answers

Brief description of St Andrew’s Junior College

St Andrew’s Junior College is an aided mission school that strongly encourages students to contribute to their families, societies and eternity. With a few mission schools affiliated to it, it has roughly 800 students. SAJC aims to cultivate wonder, integrity, self-discipline, excellence, thanksgiving, resilience, unity and empathy amongst its students. It also has many overseas immersion trips for students to choose from, ranging from subject-based, to leadership-based, to CCA-based. For experiential learning of students, SAJC has a work shadowing programme as well, providing students the opportunity to understand a particular job better.

Cut-off Point: Arts- 11, Science- 10

Describe Your School Culture/Spirit:

Due to covid-19, I cannot comment much about the culture/school spirit but from what I heard from seniors and my own experience it’s a very fun culture which prioritises both work and play." --- Senior I

How is the academic rigour? Is it competitive? Is everyone fixated on results?

Academic rigour is as tough as any other JC, there’s no escape. Everyone is focused on studies. Competitive not so much but I would say strongly depends on your class. " ---Senior I

Was the competition to get into a CCA tough?

On whether certain CCAs are hard to get in or not depends on the CCA itself. Some popular sports are definitely hard to get in due to the many talented people competing in the trials." ---Senior I

Is getting a leadership position tough in SAJC?

I would not say it is very competitive but there’s a campaign period to be a student councillor . Leadership positions within class is highly dependent on your classmates. " ---Senior I

What is the class size and gender ratio?

class size is around 20-25. Gender ratio of each class highly dependent on subject combinations." ---Senior I

What are some special traditions/activities your school has? Which is your favourite?

Not very sure for SAJC becuase of covid-19. Cannot really experience but there is an annual cross country, inter class games, inter house activities etc " ---Senior I

Are tutors easy to approach and open for consultations?

So far from my own experience is that my tutors are easy to approach and they are very willing to conduct consultations " ---Senior I

Why did you choose jc/poly?

I chose JC as I was not sure what I wanted to pursue or specialise in." ---Senior I

Why did you choose SAJC specifically?

I didn’t really choose SAJC but I went in due to my results. But, I have no regrets. It’s a good school." ---Senior I