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Seniors' Answers

Brief description of Nanyang Junior College

Nanyang Junior College was founded in 1977, with an approximate of 700 students per cohort. Each cohort comprises Chung Cheng High School Main and Yishun students, as well as students from various Secondary Schools. NYJC commits to being a passionate, curious learning community and strongly believes in the importance of happiness. They offer more than 150 subject combinations and various co-curricular activities, even designing a unique framework and programmes to enhance capabilities and capacities of students’ leadership and character. One main perk about NYJC would certainly be the daily 8.30 reporting time.

Cut-off Point: Arts- 7, Science- 6

Describe Your School Culture/Spirit:

Honestly NYJC is very chill... like the environment is competitive in terms of like academics but the friends I’ve met are truly genuine, we help each other and honestly we try our best to strike a balance between fun and studies. Honestly my favourite memeories are just after school, when my friends and I are studying for Promos or like we would go to the arcade after studying. Or like the events our school has, like wild run and Halloween night, my class was really like enthusiastic about it HAHA so it really made it damn fun " --- Senior N

Very chill, there is no strict dress code which I absolutely love, they don’t care about the type of shoes or socks or piercings you have so if you want to rabak can HAHAHA We only have one full uniform dayW on Wednesday or during exams which is good cos full uniform everyday is too warm. We can also wear our school shirts like CCA shirts, SIG, and class shirts on dress down days. I feel like this is quite important cos we get to express our styles and not be so worried about uniform checks, so it’s one less stress factor to worry about.
There’s also no outright hierachy system(e.g jocks, nerds etc) that I’ve heard about that is quite present in some JCs. Like you can tell who is nerdy or jocky but nobody really cares that much. There is clique culture but it’s not that toxic(in my experience).
There is school spirit especially during A divisionss but there’s no houses or house cheers cos we don’t have that in NY" ---Senior J

How is the academic rigour? Is it competitive? Is everyone fixated on results?

Yes... HAHA but honestly I feel like most people are struggling and even if they aren’t, like most people I’ve met really are open to help their friends. And they’re super patient and won’t be so petty like to not share notes and stuff. Like everyone studies together and everything, you don’t really feel like ur alone even if it’s super competitive " ---Senior N

Ooo yes it can be competitive depending on your attitude, but not so competitive in the way that people will backstab you that kind. People are focused on results but they are also quite well-rounded. You can find a mixture of people but a lot are quite involved with school activities" ---Senior J

Was the competition to get into a CCA tough?

Erm I think depends on what kind, for sports esp like volleyball soccer badminton, it’s quite competitive cus it’s a mostly DSA sport so JAEs would have to have had experience beforehand to be able to have a chance in getting in the CCA but there are like ccas like tchoukball and odac and other ccas that are open to those who don’t have experience!

Usually we have a CCA bazaar a week after orientation then they can sign up for trials and then the J1s will attend them then if they get selected then they will be contacted. " ---Senior N

Nope, unless you’re going for the more popular CCAs like floorball and interact or small CCAs like ODAC(usually have 100 plus people try out but they only select 30 irc) Trials are actually quite chill for most, except maybe for sports and odac" ---Senior J

What are some special traditions/activities your school has? Which is your favourite?

I think the most special one is wild run, where basically everyone dresses up in animal onezie and we run a few rounds to raise funds for SPCA. It’s like the main event NY is known for HAHA and it’s really fun cus everyone is like taking pics and you can bring ur pets too and they’re like performances and stuff!

Another one is like NYGHT which is like our talent show and like they invite legit judges and stuff HAHA and it’s p fun watching ur friends performing and stuff " ---Senior N

Wild run, CCA fair, SIG fair, Halloween celebration. Wild run definitely, basically an event full of concerts, booths selling cool art stuff and people wearing onesiees, fun event and you can take really nice photos" ---Senior J

Why did you choose jc/poly?

Hahah mainly cause of my parents but also cause I think I’m able to excel in JC learning style as I’m always chionging work and I felt that poly had to be more consistent than JC " ---Senior N

I want to get into university and I felt like JC was a faster route and more secure for local university so I chose JC." ---Senior J

Why did you choose NYJC specifically?

The facilities are good, we have laptops to lend out, lots of study areas, very wide and open infrastructure( like it’s quite windy and there’s many open spaces) -seems pretty chill, most people come from different secondary schools instead of having a feeder school" ---Senior J

How flexible is subject combi? Do you know of anyone who was denied his/her subject combi due to scheduling/manpower issues?

HAHA no.... NY is probably the school that allows the most number of subject combinations. But it does affect ur timetable, those with more unusual combinations have really long breaks or like late days... but yeah my class onty have h2 bio in common HAHA all our other subjects differ " ---Senior N

What is the biggest difference between secondary school and JC/poly?

honestly the work load, in Secondary sch it’s easier to get through exams and study and there will be days when you won’t have work but in JC there is a constant workload assigned to us and honestly it’s very easy to fall back. And along with CCA and external commitments, you need a lot more discipline. And especially in terms of like ur learning, in JC the teachers are so stretched they’ll not chase you for work as badly as in secondary school. Consults are based on your own invitation, there’s usually remedial or like supplementary but other than that you have to take charge or completing your work and ensuring you understand your content. Another thing is the school hours, usually secondary school you’ll end school latest 6 after CCA but in JC. You have to be prepared to end CCA at 8:30 because of our long days in school. And in my school particularly the volleyball CCA ends training at 10:30 and they train on weekends. Many of our ccas train on weekends during competition season so that’s another day gone and less time to study also " ---Senior N

What was the hardest thing to adapt to in JC/poly?

Workload and just meeting new people. Especially if you’ve come from a single-sex school it’ll be a little different from how you would have gone to sec school " ---Senior N

Which ccas are strong in the school?

Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Tchoukball HAHA honestly idk about the performing arts I only know the sports HAHAHAB oops " ---Senior N

What is the class size and gender ratio?

Around 23-25 people. Gender ratio depends on the combi
PCME: usually more guys
BCME: usually more girls
Hybrid: usually quite even mix(for my class)" ---Senior J

Are tutors easy to approach and open for consultations?

Yup most of them. A lot of them are really friendly and they’re open to consults." ---Senior J

Is it competitive to get a leadership position in NYJC?

Yes, a lot of people will usually try out, but there are many leadership opportunities like starting a project, SIG exco, or CCA leadership positions so you don’t have to worry too much about lack of it." ---Senior J

What are some stereotypes about your school and do you think they are true or not?

Hmm not sure but maybe that we are muggers?? Yeah it’s true I see a lot of people mugging, but I think it’s more like “Mug hard but still got social life” culture in NY.
Maybe another stereotype is ny is very cheena? Not really eh, other than people performing Chinese songs for performances and offering subjects like Chinese translation, CLL and China studies I thinks that’s the extent HAHAHAH" ---Senior J