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Seniors' Answers

Brief description of Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Jurong Pioneer Junior College was merged on January 2019, focusing on the courage to venture and aiming to nurture a community of active learners, innovative thinkers and respectful and compassionate leaders with confidence for the future. With it’s language elective programmes like Chinese Language Elective Programme and Malay Language Elective Programme, many opportunities such as internships, MP attachments, talks, competitions and performances are given. In addition, they have many activities for students such as a Math and Science Challenge, a Leadership Training Camp, a Service Learning Festival, and Road Runs.

Cut-Off Point: Arts- 16, Science- 15

Describe Your School Culture/Spirit:

I strongly feel that my JC culture/school spirit depends on the batch you are in. I went in as the 2018 batch, and my batch was filled a bunch YPs and there is a semi-strong partying scene and quite a bit of smokers. My class was also very much bonded having a mix of people, just boys that didn't do their work and playing phone in the class, the usual shenanigans. And my ex-class also produced the valedictorian and top scorer, but she wasn't a full on nerd or anything. But when I retained and join the school as the 2019 batch, my class was filled with nerds and despite that none of them are scoring much better than me, when I barely studied, there wasn't anyone that is my kind of people and I had a really hard time making new friends in my first year despite my personality as more of a social butterfly. However some other class in the science are much more bonded and have a better time socially. I feel that there isn't really much of a school culture, but more of your luck and if you get people that you can make friends easily with. " --- Senior T

Why did you choose jc/poly?

I choose JC simply because I could save more time compared to if I am in poly. Especially for the fact that I am a guy and I already will be using 2 years of my life to serve the nation. Even now as a retainee I save about 4 months time if I get the earliest enlistment date in January, and none if I get a really late enlistment date. " ---Senior T

Why did you choose JPJC specifically??

My L1R5 Raw is 17 and nett 13. Actually my year was the merging year and CJC was actually above my cut off point but I made some mistake in keying in the choice. so yeah I ended up in JPJC and not CJC. And I was about a 5 min walk from JJC, which ended up closing down, thus my choice for JPJC. " ---Senior T

How is the academic rigour? Is it competitive? Is everyone fixated on results?

I would say overall as a school for the art stream at least, it is ok, it is competitive, just like in any JC, but I would say because of the batch I am in, people are much more focused on their results, my seniors and my juniors are in general just so so only. The school does well in most art subjects having 70%-90% AB rate every year I have been there. The bad subjects to take is Geography either as a H1 or H2, and we have extremely bad GP department that do not provide any notes and tbh its damn useless to attend GP class. " ---Senior T

Was the competition to get into a CCA tough?

Depending on the CCA, the difficulty varies. Dance and Soccer are very hard to get into, Terrence Then is the dance coach, which makes it really hard to get into. Soccer is really competitive and requires prerequisites to get into. Basketball also requires prerequisites to get into, but it is not as competitive. The others CCA are easy to get into as long you tell them that they are the first choice, after the trials if they ask you, which means that they are trying to control the numbers in the CCA. " ---Senior T

Is getting a leadership position tough in both class and CCA? Are there many who want a leadership position?

It is competitive in CCAs but if you wanna try for Student Council, it is actually quite easy as long you made solid friends at the start of school and act guai, you can get in one. There is a voting part for students to choose their Student Council, which is not really relevant, but it is best to make friends at the start of the school year to gain a bit of popularity, so people still vote you ah. Dun later paiseh, no one vote for u." ---Senior T

What are some stereotypes about your school and do you think they are true or not?

One stereotype is that the A'level score is not very good, but that is not true ah, if you really wan to excel in your studies, you can do it in JPJC. " ---Senior T

What are some special traditions/activities your school has? Which is your favourite?

It is a new school ah, so I guess they are setting the traditions? But there used to be this event called Pioneer fiesta that is held annually which is like a day to celebrate the opening of the school or smth, but that did not happen anymore as the school is now merged. " ---Senior T

Are tutors easy to approach and open for consultations?

All tutors are easy to approach and all open to consultations. But not all teacher are good at teaching ah. " ---Senior T

What is the class size and gender ratio?

Class size varies from 18-25. Gender ratio depends on subject combi, Art stream usually have more girls like a class of 20 may have only 5 guys at most 8, and the rest are girls. Science not so sure. " ---Senior T