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Seniors' Answers

Brief description of Anderson Serangoon Junior College

ASRJC is a merger of Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College, aiming to nurture leaders who will develop a keen interest in serving in a range of capacities in Singapore and overseas. Focused on cultivating adventurousness, imagination, empathy, groundedness and reliability among its students, it has various programmes and facilities.One such programme is the ASR Industry Experience (work attachments) and the Industry Exposure (learning journeys) Programmes, another is the internationalisation program.Facilities include specialized PlayPβˆ‘n Makerspace Lab, Elementz Lab, and Nanoscience Lab that promotes the interdisciplinary development of STEAM education.

Cut-Off Point: Arts- 12, Science- 11

Describe Your School Culture/Spirit:

Tbh, I feel like we're just chill lol although a lot of people have this thinking that asr is a muggers school.. but anyways its up to you if you wanna study, the whole school doesnt just mug mindlessly everyday idk if this is a good thing or a bad thing but, the school has good system to make sure you pass and get out of jc imho tbh. They have good support system - we have night study programme with free dinner and free teachers to consult 🀑 and aside from it, during/post orientation because theres the fear that the ogl wont be able to catch up on school work due to missing lessons, the houses actually organised some study sessions so the students can help each other, its mugging but not blind mugging with good support and good help idk if you get what I mean HAHA SORRY but aside from the 'mugging culture' I find that asr has quite a good and lively school spirit? but kinda also the homely vibes LOL but I feel like it's influenced by the programmes I participated in. For annual events like family fiesta, asr picnic, actually there's one more, this 'sports day' event where we just play game but I can't rmb the name lol. You can see how the whole school really comes together to just chill and enjoy themselves. idk how to elaborate but its just very calming and homely because u just sit together and chill with your own class and other classes and your class mentor!! most of the teachers are so chill that you can talk about anything with them and they'll respond LOL you can joke with them and if they have the humour, theyll joke back with you.. it doesnt even matter if they dont teach you LOL but out of those events other sch events like orientation, openhouse prep, alpha boarding programme, humanities programme where u interact with other students out of your class or house to plan the programme,, um you will realise theres an extremely good peer support system because you will find that whenever you do something, you will always be offered help, you won't be going through the whole process alone. Help comes even when you dont ask for it, and I find it very heartening and warming idk, and like my teacher gives consults even on weekends too.. so like they don't force you but if u find them and tell them u need help, they will sort out their schedule just to find time to help u. It is also easy to integrate with the people because the whole school is like mr mano says, "rojak!". There is no dominant group of students that came from a particular school also so it is a fair ground for you to make friends " --- Senior X

Why did you choose jc/poly?

I chose jc over poly for the structure! I liked the idea of having a fixed timetable and knowing what I will learn. I also chose jc over poly for the rigour because seniors in poly always mentioned how they have a lot of breaks between lesson / sometimes only go for 1 lesson per day. I didn't like how segregated it felt so I decided to go with jc! plus I didnt like the idea of having my grades to be based off mainly group work because i think slackers exists everywhere πŸ˜”πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ" ---Senior X

Why did you choose ASRJC specifically??

I chose asr because of the warm and homely feeling(that already existed in aj/sr before the merger). I didn't care much about facilities, I was just there for the experience! Plus because my secondary school was around the same area, most of my seniors who went jc actually went to asr and had a relatively good impression of the school so I went ahead with it (was the only school I intended to dsa for) " ---Senior X

How is the academic rigour? Is it competitive? Is everyone fixated on results?

um I would say that it depends on your stream, I've heard from my friends from science stream saying that they get a lot of homework every week till they can't finish at 11pm, but theres the arts stream who only has a few essays as homework for the entire week.. and also there's actually noticable differences within students - some are more driven than the others while others are not, so the competition is there, it is just not very strong except for maybe the top few percent. To be honest, my class rarely talks about results and my teachers dont talk about results too. There's repeated emphasis from my teacher that its about a long term fight rather than a short term one, so tldr focus on the small improvements rather than the actual result. " ---Senior X

Was the competition to get into a CCA tough?

Haha I dsa-ed so I can't really speak much about this but most of my friends actually got into their first choice! I don't think it is that hard unless you're talking about basketball, interact etc because most cca would take you in even if you don't have experience! (for performing arts/sports/clubs). " ---Senior X

Is getting a leadership position tough in both class and CCA? Are there many who want a leadership position?

Depends on your cohort tbh, sometimes cca for a certain batch may not have a lot of people who are driven so there'll be no competition πŸ˜”πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ but anyways if you want a leadership position, usually getting one isn't an issue unless you're in competitive cca like interact, or student council, or basketball that filters who can even go in" ---Senior X

What are some stereotypes about your school and do you think they are true or not?

Muggers culture, it is not true!! Do what you want, your jc experience is dictated by mainly you, not others so most of us play hard and study hard, just wanna do some work in school so I can go home and chill yknow.. Dont just label a school as bad because of muggers culture or bad facilities without being in it yourself, you are deterring people from enjoying the real experience. ASR may be considered as a mid tier jc, but that doesnt mean that it is a bad school because ultimately if they have all the resources for you to excel but you dont actively use it yourself and then end up failing, it is your problem, not the structural problem of the school imho. The school didnt force you to have a bad experience by forcing you not to participate in enrichment activities. " ---Senior X

Are tutors easy to approach and open for consultations?

yea LOL they would even let you consult on weekends (willingly, they arrange it themselves for you) I think it might depend on your tutor also but most are willing to let you consult, even if they don't teach your class for it they will LOL. Plus there is night study programme that gives u the ability to consult them too! Just drop them a msg and they'll let you know when they are free and you're set " ---Senior X

What is the class size and gender ratio?

Each class averages around 18-25 students for my cohort, for the new batch it's around like 20-30+. Arts class tends to be the smaller classes sksk umm the gender ratio depends on your combi also, I take HELm so 6/20 is guys, but I have friends who takes PCMe and their ratio is like 17/24 guys " ---Senior T

What are some special traditions/activities your school has? Which is your favourite?

Oh umm family fiesta, asr picnic, the sports day thingy JDJFKKEKD I like the family fiesta because fundraising!! Plus like the teachers created their own shops also so like KSKSKSKDK and there is a lot of support from one another like even teacher-student to support each other's store and idk if thats not heartwarming, what is? But I like the picnic and sports day also tbh because 😳😳 mr mano(principal) joined us.. and all the teachers were also around and just chilling so HAGHSJDK. Out of whole cohort activities there is quite a fair bit of stuff as well! Got overseas immersion trips and boarding programmes (for alpha only, you go out trekking with your alpha mentors for 7 hours) and lit night (student performance thing), lit cafe (for whole cohort btw, not exclusive to lit students), humanities symposium, and etc" ---Senior X