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Seniors' Answers

Brief description of LASALLE

LaSalle offers a 3 year diploma programme for O level/IGCSE/GCSE/NITEC/Higher NITEC/IP(Secondary 4) graduates. It has an international curriculum that is rich in diversity and blends with a global consciousness, while providing students opportunities to actively engage in industry projects that provide invaluable real-world working experiences and employment opportunities. In addition, LaSalle has an indicative teacher-student ratio of 1:25, where students are guided by an international faculty, professional artists and industry mentors.

Why did you choose to go LaSalle?

Lasalle had a better name than NAFA at the time and had ties to Goldsmiths London for its degree program. The design communication program was also thought to be better than that in NAFA. I was also really tired of the conventional Singapore academic tracks and since I had a lifelong interest in art, I thought why not? " ---Senior T

Describe the culture in LaSalle.

Don’t count on school spirit. We don’t do CCAs because everyone is doing their passion anyway, there really wasn’t a demand for that. We’re not really sports people too so... no sports for that school spirit thing. As for the culture, it was a pretty competitive atmosphere because during our specialization classes, we would have to go around to critique each other’s work, or the lecturers would pick out works to critique and we would learn from each other’s strengths/weaknesses in that way. It doesn’t help that arts is a pretty small industry here, and we’re all also trying to impress the lecturers who would also have their own businesses/connections." ---Senior T

What course did you take and can you give an introduction about your course?

I took diploma in design communication. Basically graphic design. We learnt about software to use (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), design fundamentals and principles to making a design work (esp that in advertisements). We had basic drawing classes, 2D, 3D, Moving Sound and Images (film). We also studied contextual studies which was like art theory/history. " ---Senior T

How are lessons and assessments held in LaSalle?

I really can only speak for the first year (fundamentals) but our lessons were conducted largely in this big studio space in the basement, separated into iirc 8? sections or classes. So each class would use one section. I understand from my friends who did the whole program that eventually they did move to spaces dedicated to their program (fine arts would have their own little studio space, fashion had like a sewing space somewhere upstairs). As for contextual studies, they are held in a classroom in The Bencoolen. For anything to do with software , we will have it in the computer lab which is filled with iMacs. Lessons are mostly like they would do a short lecture/tutorial in the first part (1h +/-) and then for the rest of the class, you had to go do what you learnt and in the middle sometimes the tutor would come and tell you how you can improve. End of the lesson, lay out your work and everyone would look at it together and the tutor would do little critiques here and there. Assessments are conducted by submission. Almost every module you had to do a reflection journal (RJ) throughout the semester with homework every week to complete something in it. And then there are assignments like x pieces for the final submission. There are continual assessments too where they collect RJs to look through. There are definitely graded projects too. " ---Senior T

How is the academic rigour? Is it competitive? Is everyone fixated on results?

It’s okay if you know how to pace yourself well throughout the semester? But sometimes artists really rely on inspiration and have to lose sleep in the week or so leading up to submission day. But in general, yes, very competitive atmosphere. " ---Senior T

What are some special traditions/activities your school has? Which is your favourite?

Freshman orientation program. Open house (if that counts since you can sign up to be a student ambassador..?) " ---Senior T

What is a typical day in LaSalle?/What is the general timetable?

Timetable varies every semester, depending on your module. I had days where I was in school for the whole day and some days I didn’t have class at all. Art is mostly just you learn and then you have to go explore and practice by yourself, really. Specialisation days are full days (9-5). " ---Senior T

What is the class size and gender ratio?

Around 20. Female:male usually 2:1, but could vary across disciplines. " ---Senior T

Are the lecturers/teachers/mentors easy to approach and open to consultations?

Mostly yes. We call them by their first names. Consultations like... I mean there’s not really a practice for it..? They can also be pretty busy with their work so you can email I guess. Most of the time they are open for conversation throughout class (or I mean some students have more of a rapport with their tutors and some not really. I don’t know. I was a chatty patty so I could chit chat with some tutors.) " ---Senior T

What are some stereotypes you have heard regarding LaSalle and what is your take on them?

That we are all really good at art. Not really, there were some people who started out really unable to draw even but their passion showed and that’s how they got in. Other stereotypes I’m not too aware of because I don’t really have the habit to listen to what other people had to say about where I was as a whole? I believe the school only makes about a small percentage of the student. You really have to be the one responsible enough to push yourself. " ---Senior T