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Health Science

NP’s Optometry

This course trains you to become an optometric practitioner to help diagnose eye disorders and prescribe optical treatments.

NYP’s Oral Health THerapy

This course teaches core skills in operative and preventive dentistry, dental hygiene, oral-health promotion and clinic management.

RP’s Health Management & Promotion

This course will allow you to learn the required skills to actively practise and promote holistic well-being among the Singapore population, from pre-school children and youths, to adults and the elderly.

RP’s Health Service Management

This course will equip you with the understanding of major healthcare policies, practices and processes, solid foundation in healthcare knowledge and experience extensive hands-on training in health service management.

RP’s Sports & Exercise Science

Through this course, you will gain a strong understanding of human physiology, psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise prescription through a scientific approach to sports, exercise and physical activity.

RP’s Sports Coaching

This course equips you with the basis of sports science and gain essential soft skills such as communications, athletes and team management, and professional ethics.

SP’s Optometry

This course equips you with the skills in managing refractive errors (such as myopia and presbyopia) through spectacle and contact lens correction, and detecting common eye diseases (such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma).