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Business and Management

NP’s Arts and Business management

Through this course, you will be equipped with necessary skills needed to develop and manage arts and heritage enterprises

NP’s International Trade and Business

This course would allow you to develop specialised knowledge and skills to manage the end-to-end trade process from procurement and trading through to marketing and operations

NYP’s Outdoor and Adventure Learning

This course teaches you the relevant people management skills, nurturing leadership qualities and providing extensive hands-on experience to qualify you as an outdoor educator or instructor.

NYP’s Sport and Wellness Management

This course combines sport studies and business management with hands-on experience and real-world case studies. You will gain in-depth knowledge in business fundamentals in the sport, event and leisure sectors

NYP’s Business and Financial Technology

This course prepares you for the digital transformation that is taking place around the world as technologies change the way organisations operate.

RP’s Supply Chain Management in Republic Polytechnic

This diploma gives you an in-depth perspective of how everything, from how a small box of candy to a gigantic aeroplane engine, is produced and transported. Plus, learn how digitalisation and technology are revolutionising supply chain operations.

RP’s Consumer Behaviour & Research

This course combines Business and Psychology, allowing you to learn how to turn valuable consumer insights, innovative digital marketing ideas, powerful data analytics, and visualisation techniques into actionable business strategies. By understanding consumer’s psychology through the application of data analytics and valuable consumer insights, you can develop smart omni-channel marketing strategies to influence your consumers and build stronger brandings.

RP’s Customer Experience Management with Business

This course allows you to find expression in fresh ideas to engage and delight your customers, develop skills to craft experiences that will mark you as a game changer in the hospitality industry. Along the way, you will also learn about customer analytics and journey mapping. Furthermore, you will get to specialise in three key areas of customer experience – Business Management, Analytics and Customer Management.

TP’s Business Process and Systems Engineering

This course infuses business concepts and management principles into a core of engineering fundamentals, making you a multi-disciplinary professional with versatile career prospects.

TP’s Law and Management

This course will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of law, it will also equip you with a wide variety of skills, such as legal communications, legal research, opinion writing, preparing and drafting contracts and agreements.