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Applied Science

NP’s Landscape Design and Horticulture

This course will put you on the right track to develop and enrich Singapore’s green spaces, providing you a broad based training in landscape design, plant sciences and horticulture management.

NYP’s Biologics and Process Technology

This course allows you to unravel the secrets of biologics and how they have altered the course of modern medicine and improved the lives of patients, giving you a foundation in biochemical science and process engineering, allowing you to be part of the ever growing biopharmaceutical and chemical industry.

RP’s Common Science Programme

This course offers common foundational modules to expose you to different disciplines of science. After your first semester, you can choose to major in one of the applied science courses in the school- Applied Chemistry, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Environmental and Marine Science, Pharmaceutical Science


RP’s Environmental and Marine Science

This course will equip you with knowledge in earth and climate science, terrestrial and marine ecology, environmental data analysis, environmental management, sustainability reporting, and circular economy. In your second year, you will then be able to choose a specialisation track, either Environmental Management and Technology or Aquaculture Technology.

SP’s Perfumery and Cosmetic Science

This course will aid you in specialising in Chemistry, Perfumery and Cosmetic Science, building a strong Chemistry foundation, to apply your knowledge to your senses

TP’s Medical Biotechnology.

This course provides skilled manpower not only in the biomedical sciences but also biotechnology industries, particularly in clinical services, technical support, product development and bioanalytical services. The course also offers specialisations in Clinical Laboratory Practice and Translational Medical Research which you can choose to be allocated to based on your grades and the availability of places.

TP’s Veterinary Technology:

If you love animals, this is the course for you! This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills in animal care, and will prepare you for the biomedical, aquaculture, veterinary and pet industries.